Marketing F5, the renowned marketing company known for its creative brilliance and exceptional branding expertise, was tasked with creating a new brand identity and packaging design for Villa Armos, an Armenian cider company. Villa Armos had a unique product, but they needed a brand identity and packaging design that would reflect their Armenian heritage and set them apart from their competitors. Marketing F5 was up for the challenge, bringing their creative prowess to the forefront to create a brand identity that was as stunning as the cider it represented.

Marketing F5's journey began with extensive research into Villa Armos' history, values, and the cider industry as a whole. This allowed them to identify the key elements that would make Villa Armos stand out from the crowd. From there, they started creating a brand identity that would capture the essence of Villa Armos and make it shine in the market.



Villa Armos Craft Cider


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The resulting brand identity was a masterpiece that embodied Villa Armos' heritage and the unique flavor profiles of their cider. The name, Villa Armos, was chosen to reflect the company's Armenian roots, while the color palette was inspired by the natural beauty of the Armenian landscape. The design was simple, yet elegant, with a custom illustration of an apple orchard that highlighted the locally-sourced ingredients used in the cider.

Marketing F5 then focused on creating the packaging design that would complement the brand identity. The label design was a true work of art, featuring the Villa Armos logo, the product name, and a brief description of the cider's flavor profile. The label was also adorned with custom illustrations of the Armenian landscape, making it clear that Villa Armos was a cider made with pride in Armenia.


The final result of Marketing F5's efforts was a brand identity and packaging design that was nothing short of breathtaking. The design was applied to all of Villa Armos' marketing materials, creating a consistent and recognizable image across all channels. The new brand identity and packaging design helped Villa Armos stand out in a crowded market, attract new customers, and increase sales.

Marketing F5's contribution to Villa Armos' success was immense. Their creativity, innovation, and commitment to excellence were evident in every aspect of the brand identity and packaging design. Thanks to Marketing F5, Villa Armos was able to share the unique flavor profiles of its cider with the world, and establish itself as a premium cider brand that celebrates the beauty of Armenian heritage.

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