The first marine mineral water from Iceland

What do you need when you have a white color and positive symbols?

Right! Villains. Here we are. With new packaging, we introduce you to the Black Edition of Lüufen. So what's the difference between these two? The white Lüufen is now a flavored marine mineral sparkling water with all-natural Icelandic marine minerals, and the Black Lüufen is the same just CBD infused. From the branding point of view, we thought a lot about creating a well-balanced packaging that would be attractive and eye-catching at the same time. If you haven't checked the case study about the white one, hurry up and check it out.



Lüufen / Packaging Black Edition


  • Package Design


As a name Lüufen is connected with Nordic mythology, we went deep into the story and brought from the history the symbols of their gods into our storyline. If you pay attention, you will see the symbols of Valhalla and few others on the backside of the can. With this, we wanted to underline the story of Nordic mythology and connect to our brand by creating a unique point of position.


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